ERRATA for Adam's Astronomy

Errata for Adam's Astronomy: The Original Zodiac

Page 32 Chapter 5 A British Lady to the Rescue
The Method. Insert 5. Frances did make some mistakes.

Page 47 Chapter 6 The Story in the Stars: Leo
Change “the judge quickly comes (Denebola) to tread his enemies underfoot (Regel)” to “the King of kings treads his enemies underfoot (Regel).”

Page 49 Chapter 7 Glorious Astronomy Facts
1. Change “Branch” to “seed.” Spica means seed. Ancient figures show the woman with a branch in one hand and grain in the other. Both seed and branch refer to Messiah.

Page 52
14. Delete “wounding” and “judge.” Several stars have the name Deneb. Frances Rolleston held that the meaning of Deneb is judge. However, it actually means tail and all the stars of that name do mark the tail of their figures.

Page 61 Appendix A
Delphinus. Delete the stars Sualocin and Rotanev. When Frances Rolleston determined the meanings of these two names, she was unaware that these names were not ancient but had been inserted into the Palermo Catalogue of 1814 by Piazzi’s assistant. His name was Niccolo Cacciatore, Latinized to Nicolaus Venator. He reversed the letters of his name and named these two stars after himself.

Page 62
Cygnus. Delete Deneb. See 14. above.

Page 65
Leo. Delete Denebola. See 14. above.

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